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About Us

Designing for the human experience.

At Eleven21 Interiors, we intentionally put our clients’ well-being at the center of everything we do. Grounded in scientific research highlighting the positive impact of nature on our mental and physical health and well-being, we center our design philosophy around bringing the outdoors inside.

Meet Ashley

In 2018, I was working as a web developer in an office with huge windows that let in plenty of light. My desk was right next to them, and I could watch lizards and bees play in the bushes while I worked. It was amazing. However, when the company restructured, my team was moved to a different part of the building. The new room had a tiny window with no light and no bushes full of happy critters to look at. I didn’t realize how much of an impact this change would have on my mood. There I was, sitting at my desk in the dark, not wanting to work and just feeling terrible.

One day, I took my lunch break early and drove to the nearest garden center. I bought as many plants as I could fit on my desk to bring back the life and joy I had in my old workspace.

Fast forward to 2021, and I decided it was time for a career change. With a background in fine arts, I wanted to transition from the tech industry to something more creative. I remembered the instinct I had to decorate my desk with plants and how much of a positive impact it had on my well-being. I became fascinated with the idea of combining nature with interior design and realized this was my true calling.

Today, I help people who, like me, want their spaces to make them feel good inside and out.



Lowered heart rates & blood pressure

Improved immune responses

Reduced inflammation

Better sleep patterns

Reduced stress hormones


Tranquility & relaxation

Boost self-esteem

Increase mood, creativity, & productivity

Increase mental stimulation & awareness

Environmental WELLNESS

Careful consideration of what materials and furnishings are made of

How long products will last

Responsible renovation disposal

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