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ORC Spring '24: More Progress

Hello friend, thank you for coming back to check on my progress with the Spring 2024 One Room Challenge. The official 8 week challenge has ended, and I am not finished with my room yet. Oops! One thing I've learned through this challenge is to give yourself some grace and not beat yourself up when life gets in the way or when things don't go as you want. So while the official challenge has stopped, I have not. Keep reading to see the progress I've made since last time.


I am pretty good at picturing how things will look in my head, but it is so helpful to be able to see how something is going to look before you do a thing. Renderings come in handy especially when a client, in this case my fiancé Sam, is having a hard time imagining what is being described. Here is a collection for you to enjoy:

The final 100% approved room:

Some early renders when I was still wanting to do the curtain wardrobe idea:

And several of different curtain lengths and hanging heights because Sam and I had very different opinions on the subject:

Faux Light Fixture

I completed the faux light fixture project and it has been hung. Y'all... I love it! I was worried it was going to end up looking dumb, but it actually came out looking pretty good. Is it a working light? No. Does it do it job by taking the focus off of the yucky puck patch on the ceiling? Yes. I would say mission accomplished.

The inspiration next to mine:

Lamp Shades

Last time I share pictures of our bedside lamps getting a gold paint job and told you more was coming. The gray drum lampshades that we had weren't going to work with the new room so I wanted to give them a facelift and make new lampshades that were black and pleated. Simple enough project in theory - get some black poster board, accordion fold it, make a round shape, and then glue it to the existing shades.

This. took. daaaaaaays.

Things I didn't know:

  1. Finding black poster board would be hard

  2. The poster board would be the heavyweight kind and need to be scored with a box cutter before I could fold it

  3. That my hands would ache so bad from the hours of scoring and then careful of folding of the paper

  4. That black poster board is really white poster board with a black ink coating

  5. That the black ink would rub off during folding and turn my hands and anything else I touched black

  6. That the white core of the poster board would show through after folding

  7. That I would spend hours touching up every white crease with black paint

I wanted to be thrifty and repurpose what we already had, but in hindsight it would have been so much more time and cost effective, not to mention way easier, to sell the old shades and spend a little extra money to get new ones.

Complaining aside, I do really like them:

Shoe Cabinet

Our new shoe cabinet arrived last Friday so Sam and I spent Saturday afternoon putting the shoe it together. I am not going to lie, I completely forgot to take progress pictures of this one y'all so please use your imagination and insert typical flat-pack furniture assembly pictures here. I've moved all of my shoes out the closet and into the cabinet and that has freed up so much space to hang clothes!

Work in Progress:

Our new rug has also arrived and I am currently in the process of getting the wrinkles out of it. We rolled it out and had it under the bed for a couple days, but it still hadn't settle enough for our underbed drawers to be able to roll easily so I've reverse rolled it up to try and coax the more stubborn wrinkles out. I'll be leaving it for another day like that before seeing if I'll need to steam them out.

I am also in the middle of the headboard project. I'm refinishing it with contact paper that looks like a honey colored wood. We'll see how that turns out... I'm not too confident that the edges will stay down.

I think the only other thing that is on the list is the curtain project. I've got a plan for that as well so stay tuned to see how everything turns out!

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